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Daiichi DX452 X-Point Saltwater Fly Tying Hooks

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O'Shaughnessy bend, straight eye, forged, x-point.

Size:4/0-1/0 10 per pack Size:2 12 per pack Size:4-8 15 per pack

We consider the Daiichi DX452 hook the top of the line for a fine wire, suiper strong, X-Point fly hook. The wire is finer than the wire on the standard Daiichi 2546 hook, but it is every bit as sturdy. We carry this hook in sizes from #8 to #4/0, so this hook is amenable to every application one can imagine from perch to Tarpon. Our coho and Chinook flies are often tied on the Daiichi DX452 hook, whether we tie a Clouser, Boss, or Comet. Our Crazy Charlies and Crab patterns for the flats are commonly tied on this X-Point hook. We especially like the fine finish, the super sharp point, and the fine wire at the ring-eye junction. The DX452 is unquestionably a top-notch hook; well worth the cost if you are looking for the best of the best.

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