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Daiichi 2571 Boss Hooks

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Daiichi 2571: Salmon & Steelhead Boss Black Fly tying Hooks

Sproat bend Ring eye (slightly turned down) Forged wire Black finish 2x heavy wire 3x-short shank Reversed (slightly off-set) bend 25 per pack

What the heck is a Boss Hook anyway? Well, to you ancient old fly tyers, we don't need to explain what a boss hook is. But for newcomers, it is a fly used to tie a Boss fly. Rhetorical? Perhaps... But the Boss is an extremely effective Northern California legacy fly that caught salmon, steelhead, stripers and trout for decades, has largely fallen out of popularity, but still works like crazy. Whether you refer to a Boss as a Boss, or a Comet, these flies are closely related. They have, usually, long tails, chenille or tinsel bodies, a collar hackle, and bead-chain eyes. Simple and effective. Black Boss flies are hot. Fluorescent Red Boss flies are hot. Golden Comets are hot. Salmon and steelhead eat them. Boss and Comet flies tied on Daiichi 2571 hooks fish well for steelhead and salmon in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska too. Why would one choose the Daiichi 2571 over a TMC 700? Both hooks tie and fish well. The Daiichi has close to a ring eye, which is a little different profile than the down-eye of the TMC 700 hook. If you prefer the look of the almost straight eye, choose the Daiichi 2571. Another alternative for Comet and Boss Flies, among other salmon and steelhead fly hooks, is the Daiichi 2141 salmon and steelhead hook. Check out our description of that hook and note that it has a limerick bend, tapered straight eye, and is noticeably longer than the Daiichi 2571 official Boss Fly hook.

Oh yeah, the Daiichi 2571 fly hook is a wonderful fly to tie steelhead and salmon egg flies on also. Some of our favorite steelhead egg patterns use the Daiichi 2571 with big beads or barbell eyes to get them down to where the steelhead and salmon lie.

Finally, this hook is like other Daiichi hooks we tie on. They are sharp as a blackberry thorn aiming at those GoreTex Waders.

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