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Daiichi 2151 Steelhead/Salmon Fly Tying Hooks

Daiichi 2151 Steelhead/Salmon Hooks has a curved back and straight eye. 10 pak

The Daiichi 2151 is a graceful hook with a tapered straight loop eye that offers a great alternative to the look of the steelhead and salmon fly tied on a TMC 7999 or a Daiichi 2441 hook. This ring eye curved shank hook is a beautiful hook to tie flies on. The wire is lighter than the wire on a TMC 7999 or a Daiichi 2441 and is similar to the wire on a Daiichi 2141 salmon and steelhead hook, except that this hook has a curved instead of a limerick bend. This hook is suitable also for sea-run cutthroat, sea trout, and flies tied for large lake and river trout. The Daiichi 2151 salmon and steelhead hook is also a very nice hook for straight eye Spey flies.

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