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Cut Sunglasses


The Costa Cut sunglasses are casually styled for breaks on the riverbank or siestas on the beach hammock overlooking the bonefish flat.

One of out favorites for style and functionality.

All Costa lenses have 100% UV blockage for maximum protection and 100% polarization to see clearly into the water and kill reflected glare.

Costa Sunglasses have proven their performance on the water. You will immediately notice the quality and clarity of the optics, as well as the reduction of fatigue on your eyes after a long day of fishing. We have worn these glasses all over the world and have never been let down. We trust Costa Sunglasses over all other brands when we are on the South Island of New Zealand spotting spooky trout, walking on a Bahamian flat searching for bonefish, or on our local Willamette Valley rivers fishing for steelhead and salmon.

Costa 580 Lenses absorb harmful high-energy blue light, which cuts haze and blur for insane clarity. 580 Lenses also block harsh yellow light, which boosts reds, greens, and blues naturally thus enhancing colors and contrast.

Cut Lenses.

Green Mirror Glass: Green Mirror Glass lenses boast superior clarity and scratch resistance over plastic. Green Mirror Lenses give you enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on flats, particularly in full sun. This high contrast lens has 10% light transmission.

Cut Frames.

The Coconut Fade frame is awesome and super unique. It is a matte black frame on top and as you head down the glasses it fades into Costa’s coconut coloring. The Cut’s have a large fit. This is a super durable nylon frame. • 1. Frame Width128.5mm • 2. Bridge Width11.5mm • 3. Lens Width60.6mm • 4. Lens Height39.6mm • 5. Temple Arm Length130mm

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