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Cortland Sylk Fly Line


This Cortland 444 Sylk fly line replicates the feel of oiled silk for bamboo rods! Allow us to provide your Cortland fly line shipped free with no sales tax.

Sometimes you canít beat the old ways. For bamboo rods Cortland developed the 444 Sylk. Made specifically for fine bamboo rods the Sylk replicates the feel of oiled silk used with the first bamboo rods. Small diameter, long gradual taper, and supple feel all combine to make an effective and efficient fly line perfect for that custom made bamboo rod.

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You can choose between a weight forward or double tapered line. This line is perfect for lightweight bamboo or old-style graphite rods in weights 2-6. Its smooth turnover and excellent handling make you appreciate tradition in a whole new way.


- Available in Weight Forward and Double Taper styles.

- Sizes: WF 2-8, DT 2-6. 90 feet.

- Type: Floating.

- Core: braided nylon filament.

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