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Cohens Hellgramite Creature


Cohenís Hellgrammite Creature bodies allow you to create great flies and are in stock; most orders ship FREE with no sales tax from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Buggy flies have reached a new level of attractiveness to fish with the creation of Cohenís Hellgrammite bodies.

These are constructed of durable Ultra Suede, cut to shape by Lazer and ready to rock with Cohenís Carp Dub or any similar buggy dubbing.

A good hook to use with these Hellgrammite bodies would be relatively wide gape long shank hook similar to a Daiichi D2461 in sizes 2/0 to 1 or the Daiichi 2220 in sizes 1 to 4; with sizes depending on the size of the Hellgrammite you are tying.

Three Hellgrammite body sizes: 1.75 inch; 2.25 inch; and 3.0 inch options allow you to create Hellgrammites of a size likely to imitate local bugs and attract the most fish in any given locale.

The raw Hellgrammite Body is white, so that you can add Dubbing and color the blank with a sharpie or preferably a Copic Waterproof Marker to create the miracle bug.

Other materials to consider in conjunction with these Hellgrammite Creature bodies include Copic Markers in buggy colors natural to your local waters, Clear Cure Goo Flex to add shine and durability.

6 per pack

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