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CF Burkheimer 590-4 Classic Trout Fly Rod


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Although CF Burkheimer is a custom rod craftsman whose name is most recognized in the west coast states as a spey rod builder, Kerry Burkheimer builds fantastic trout fly rods too. Fact is, Kerry Burkheimer was building trout fly rods long before he ever designed his first Spey rod for John Hazel decades ago.

Guide reviews - video - Burkheimer Trout fly rods: combining craftsmanship, original tapers, and fly-fishing perfection.

Burkheimer trout rods are light in the fly fisher's hand, and strong on casting performance. Kerry designed these trout fly rods to deliver precision at close range and push the long cast into a wild. Of course you would not fish size 4 bead head stone nymphs on a 2 weight rod. If you wonder if one of these Burkheimer trout fly rods is the best choice for your fishing style, give us a call and let's talk about it. One thing is sure though: if you love fly fishing for trout, in small and large stream settings (lakes too), one of these Burkheimer trout rods is going to make you smile.

Burkheimer trout rods are built to deliver a superb casting and fishing experience. He simply employs the best modern rod building composite materials in blends that incorporate art and science to make fly rods that are beautiful and sparkling performers at the same breath.

If you are interested in a different rod than you see here, call or email us at the Caddis Fly Angling Shop and we will arrange to deliver the Burkheimer trout fly rod of your dreams.