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CF Burkheimer Salmon Steelhead Fly Rod 995-4 Classic


CF Burkheimer Salmon Steelhead Fly Rod 995-4 Classic ships free with no sales tax from the Caddis Fly Shop.

This Burkheimer single hand fly rod is a 9' 5" dynamo for fishing modest size king salmon and large steelhead in the traditional, time honored, still gets 'em style.

No frills here in the description of this single hand salmon fly rod by Kerry Burkheimer. This rod is not generally listed in the array of fine fly rods crafted by the crew at Burkheimer, but it is one of our Caddis Fly Shop pro favorites, and we highly recommend this fly rod for our tidewater Chinook fly anglers on the west coast.

We fish this nine weight, 9' 5" single hand fly rod with shooting heads, running lines, and with integrated shooting head fly lines by Airflo, Rio, and SA. This rod will push your salmon flies into a coastal wind all day long. The Burkheimer 995-4 is as expertly suited and feels right at home casting an Airflo Shooting head, a Rio Outbound, or a Scientific Anglers Streamer Express fly line.

Kerry Burkheimer offers this fly rod and all of his one-hand fly rods of salmon grade in a DAL action that we prefer to a stiffer action that is more typical of 9 and 10 weight fly rods one would select for fishing kings and large steelhead. The DAL refers to a deep loading action that makes these rod actions deliver superb feeling, casting, and fish fighting performance, dawn to dark.

Give us a call or email if you would like to explore the world of Burkheimer single hand salmon and steelhead fly rods. We have access to far more of Kerry s most excellent fly rods than we have listed here, and a conversation would be a great way to discuss these options and fittings for the rod of your dreams.

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