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CF Burkheimer 7115-4 Classic Spey Fy Rod


CF Burkheimer 11'5" Classic Spey Fy Rod 7115-4 - Free Airflo Spey head and shooting line plus free shipping and no sales tax with this rod.

OK: here is the code...... this is an 11'5" 4-pc two hand Spey fly rod made by our friend Kerry Burkheimer. Not a switch rod. Nope. Just an amazing Spey rod that is light and powerful in the same instant.

Let us know in the comments section of your online order or call us if you would like a different line option please.

This little publicized Burkheimer Spey fly rod is an astoundingly versatile two hand rod adaptable to diverse fishing environments and species. The 4-pc rod is rated as a 6-7-8 wt, in Kerry Burkheimer's tradition, and it handles a wide grain weight range of fly lines. Unlike many of the CF Burkheimer Spey rods, this Burkie has a relatively firm butt section and transitions into a progressively "light" tip.

The Burkheimer 7115-4 accomplishes the admirable task of providing sufficient lower-rod power to handle large steelhead and modest salmon, combined with an upper rod transition perfect to feel and finesse large trout and small steelhead.

These qualities are pretty unique in a world of fly rods that are more narrowly focused. We fish the Burkheimer 7115-4 with traditional shooting head lines, using overhead casts and mono running lines. We fish the 7115-4 with Skagit Compact heads and MOW T-14 tips. We fish the 7115-4 with Scandi Compacts, Speydicator lines, Switch lines, traditional steelhead weight forward lines, integrated shooting heads, and Nymph tapers.

The firm lower section of this rod makes timing of one's cast more important when fishing Skagit heads with tips. Dry and damp fly presentations with Scandi Compact style lines is a "snap" (sorry, couldn't help the pun). Overhead casting, (using bottom hand to power the cast) with shooting heads and integrated shooting heads is entirely intuitive.

We have come to love this Burkheimer fly rod for its versatility. It is light in hand, throws a grocery sack of fly lines, is responsive to "little" fish (not that any of the fish we catch are really "little"), and with some finesse, can hold its own with modest king salmon.

Delivery time for this rod is in the 3-6 wk range, depending on time of year, moon phase, tide exchange, knowing the secret hand shake, and incentives like promises of fruit-cake at Christmas time. Just kidding.

We cordially invite you to email or call the shop and enquire about purchase of this fine Burkheimer multi-versatile Spey fly rod. The Caddis Fly staff will be pleased to offer outstanding customer service in facilitating your order for this or any other Burkheimer fly rod. Upgrades to a pPresentation or Vintage components are also available and we can quote the fees for various upgrades in fittings.

The 7115-4 is a surprising and delightful rod to fish. There, said it.

CF Burkheimer 11'5" Classic Spey Fy Rod 7115-4

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