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CF Burkheimer 13'4" 8wt Classic Spey Fly Rod 8134-4


Burkheimer 8134-4 classic Spey rod - an exceptionally versatile two hander. No sales tax and free shipping plus a free Airflo Spey head and shooting line with purchase of this fine rod.

We offer the CF Burkheimer 8134-4 Spey rod as our powerful step-up from the 7134-4 and recommend this Spey rod for summer and winter steelhead across Oregon and up into BC, where larger rivers, larger fish, and monster flies are expected as part of the routine day. And what days those could be.

Let us know in the comments section of your online order or call us if you would like a different line option Please.

The CF Burkheimer Spey fly rod 8134-4 is another of the versatile Spey rods Kerry has designed that excels at both sink-tip Skagit and dry line fly fishing.

When the wind howls on the Deschutes, we grab this rod over the 7134-4 and laugh at the gale. Sort of. Like its lighter cousin, this is at once powerful and light, suitable for all day effortless fishing.

We recommend the following lines for the CF Burkheimer 8134-4:

Scandi Compact 510 gr

Skagit Compact 570 gr

Remember, Kerry rates all of his spey fly rods with a wide grain weight window, meaning that they will perform well with lines lighter and heavier than those recommended here, depending on the agility and preferences of each angler. The 8134-4 is what Kerry refers to as a 7/8/9 Spey fly rod, suitable for lines in the 450 - 600 gr. weight range.

We appreciate your considering the Caddis Fly and giving us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer service.

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