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CF Burkheimer 7127-4 Classic Spey Rod


CF Burkheimer 7127 4 Classic Spey Rod Fly Rod is in stock - Free Airflo Spey Head and shooting line plus NO SALES tax and Prompt FREE shipping h2>

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Review of Burkheimer 7127-4 fly rod.

A customer asked recently what my favorite two-hand summer steelhead rod was. My answer was simple (this is Jay here): the Burkheimer 7127-4 is my all time favorite summer steelhead two hand rod.

The Burkheimer 7127-4 is a delightful dry line Spey rod, and you can fish light sink tips on this rod also.

But this rod rigged with a Scandi or Rage Compact line or similar RIO line is so pleasurable to cast and fish that it will turn your head right quickly.

The 7127-4 casts close and far, so effortlessly that it makes you smile every minute you fish it: OK, that may be an overstatement for some fly anglers, but it is the way we feel when we fish this rod.

Grain weight range: 420 to 550 gr.

length: 12 ft 7 inches.

4 piece rod.

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