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Sun Masks for Fly Fishing

Buff Head Wear and Gloves: the Caddis Fly Shop is your first source for Headbands, Scarves, Gloves, Sun and Cold Weather Protection.

Buff is a product brand that did not exist in 1990. Today, Buff headwear and gloves offer fly anglers a spectacular line of field tested clothing accessories to protect head, face, neck, and hands from sun, wind, and cold weather extremes.

Lowest prices, NO SALES TAX and free shipping on Buff Headwear and gloves.

Buff delivers excellent products for the fly fisher, and our inventory is great so we can usually deliver on your order promptly.

Buff Headbands. Buff headbands and the UV Half Buff seem too simple to provide effective sun and wind protection, but our experience has proved that they get the job done with style.

Buff Angler Gloves We find ourselves reaching for these specialized Buff Gloves in all but the coldest weather. Great sun protection, stripping guard, palm pads to enhance a secure grip on rod, these gloves incorporate materials and fit designs that are angler inspired and tested.

Buff Sport Series Water Gloves. sun protection with 50 plus UV protection in a resilient fabric with silicone textured palm to assist rod and line handling.

Cyclone Buff: this is your Buff product choice if you will be out in the coldest weather, with Gore Windstopper fabric; this is soft, breathable, wicks moisture from your head and neck, and keeps you protected from the harshest wind and cold.

Buff Sport Series MXS Fishing Gloves. These full finger gloves are a new offering and a blessing for anglers who fish and row in cool weather environments. Thin fleece lining, great durability, stripping guides, silicone laminate palms, and long cuffs combine to make these a huge asset for the angler fishing cool weather, rowing one minute and casting the next.

UV Buff: among the simplest of the Buff product line, these offer excellent protection of head and neck areas from sun and wind, with cool color options to spice up our days.

Buff Wool Balaclava: 100 percent Merino Wool provides comfort and protection from sun wind and cold over your face, head, and neck; this is back to basics Buff fishing gear excellence.

Wool Buff: when nothing but the traditional feel of wool will satisfy, this is your Buff product for cold weather sun and wind protection.

Polar Reversible Buff: fantastic colors plus options of microfiber, half microfiber plus fleece. Warm, comfortable and versatile as ever, this is great cold weather sun, wind, and temperature protection.

Insect Shield Buff:, Almost unbelievable, this Buff headgear incorporates an insect repellant undetectable by us humans that delivers bug protection for some 70 washings. Who would have thought of such magic?

Buff Neck Warmer: Want to keep it simple and maintain body heat around your neck? This simple product delivers.

Buff Hoody: cold weather be danged; this hoody will protect you from sun, wind, and cold while you fish in style!

Buff Inventory and availability to ship? The Caddis Fly Shop inventories, fishes, and recommends Buff headbands and gloves to our customers, so we strive to keep a great variety of colors, sizes and products on hand at our Shop. That said, Buff offers so many colors and options that we may not have each and every product here in the Shop; but a quick call or email to the shop could provide us the opportunity to provide the exact Buff gear to make your heart sing. Give us a shot, and we will see if we can deliver your Buff headbands and gloves promptly with no shipping or sales tax.