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Patagonia Wading Boots

Patagonia Wading Boots strike the perfect balance between superior functionality and lightweight technology. Shipped free with no sales tax.

We are proud to offer all four styles of the new Patagonia Wading Boots built by Danner in Portland Oregon. The New for 2019 Foot Tractor Wading boot is available in Aluminum Bars, Felt and Vibram Idrogrip soles. The new River Salt flats boot is great for salt and freshwater.

Patagonia’s wading products cater to anglers of all styles; whether you’re a hiker, a boat fisherman, or do a little bit of both, Patgonia wading shoes and boots are perfect for you.

Regardless of which Patagonia Wading Boot you choose, you can be assured of a few things: They are very light and flexible, but also extremely stable. They also protect your ankles and feet with durable, strong materials.

I personally had a pair of pair Patagonia Wading Boots that I fished with for upwards of six seasons and I put a lot of days and a lot of miles on them each year. I wore them until they practically fell off of my feet; however, the soles and studs still remained very solid and intact all those years. I, myself and the rest of the staff at the Caddis Fly Shop cannot say enough about Patagonia Wading Products.

Here is a bit of information on the products you will find below:

Ultralight Wading Boots: Lightweight and durable. Coming in at around 38 ounces, this synthetic leather boot is bomb-proof and dries very quickly. Available in both sticky rubber and felt.

Foot Tractor Wading Boots: Patagonia’s most durable and solid boot. With heavily padded ankle support and a reinforced toe box, your feet stay very protected at all times. The quick drying synthetic leather is durable and abrasion resistant. This boot features Patagonia’s aluminum bar technology, which is incredibly sticky and keeps you stable on slippery rocks while wading in the river.

Wading Boot Accessories!: Aluminum bar replacement kits, stud packs, and river crampons-- All of these are different methods by which you can add or reinforce stability to your wading experience. We highly recommend that in most cases, you have some sort of metal on the bottom of your boot for vastly increased grip and safety.