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Beulah Platinum Switch Fly Rod


Beulah Switch Fly Rod Reviews- Platinum Series

Note: All Platinum Series Rods are 4-pc rods.

Platinum Switch fly rods by Beulah have received rave reviews from the fly fishing community as the switch rod has been whipped and waved around the world in recent years. The whole point of switch fishing rods is to be able to cast with one hand or also make the array of two-hand casts in the Spey family. Done. The Beulah Switch fly rod family gets the job done with style and finesse.

Beulah is what should be considered an old-timer in the switch rod niche corner, as they rolled out a full line of fly rods for switch in 2005, before many other rod makers were up-and-at-em in their expertise. Beulah offered a full line of 5 switch fly rods in 2009 and in 2011 is introducing 4 new Platinum Switch Rod Series rods to make our fly fishing lives even more interesting.

These sweet Switch rods by Beulah allow us to dead-drift the nymph or egg fly pattern, overhead cast to big trout and small salmon, make our traditional roll cast under the trees, and so our snake rolls and snap t casts like a Spey wizard, given the proper fly line match, or course. Salmon and long line lake or surf fishing might call for a shooting head or Rio Outbound fly line, but we can sling up a Scandi or Skagit Spey head on these Beulah Switch rods and go after anything from Bull Trout, Steelhead, and silvers in Alaska.

Specific info and Reviews on Beulah Platinum Switch Fly Rods


10' - Beulah Switch - Platinum Series Fly Rod. This is 5 wt Beulah Switch rod we consider a perfect and versatile trout rod, and also suitable for small water modest size summer steelhead on dry and damp flies and nymphs. Man oh man; woman oh woman, this Beulah Switch fly rod makes a great indicator or high stick nymph and egg pattern rod. The 10' Switch fly Rod will fish well with 6 and 7 wt dry and nymph taper fly lines in the sub 275 gr range

10'4'' - Beulah Switch - Platinum Fly Rod. We recommend This 6 wt Switch fly rod as an all-around summer steelhead Switch fly rod. The Beulah 10' 4'' Switch rod will fish well with 7 and 8 wt traditional and Nymph fly lines and sub 300 gr Scandi or Skagit style heads.

10'8'' - Beulah Switch - Platinum Series Fly Rod. This is a 7 wt Beulah that we recommend as a versatile Spey rod targeting both summer and winter steelhead with Scandinavian and Skagit Spey lines, floating and sink tips; and even shooting head and Integrated shooting head fly lines. The Beulah 10' 8'' Switch rod will fish well with 8 and 9 wt traditional and Nymph fly lines and approximately 350 gr Scandi or 480-ish gr Skagit style heads. This Beulah 7 wt Switch rod has the muscle to cast modest sink tips and push a fly over the surf line and into a wind on the estuary.

11' - Beulah Switch - Platinum Series Fly Rod. This is a 8 wt Beulah Switch rod that we recommend for our customers pursuing winter steelhead, modest size salmon, and fishing both dry and sink tips on larger rivers and in wind and challenging casting conditions. This Platinum Switch rod has the backbone to finesse 10 wt Rio Outbound and 10 wt shooting heads, and casts Scandi and Skagit head Spey fly lines in the high 300 and low 400 gr range, with moderately hefty floating and sink tips attached.