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Beulah Opal Surf Rods


Fast tapers and two handed construction - Beulah Opal Surf Two Hand series!

When casting in the surf sometimes two hands are better than one. Look no further than the Beulah Opal Two Hand Series which takes the best of fast tapered saltwater rods and marries it with two handed casting simplicity. These babies load quickly and recover fast to make shooting distance a breeze. Cover more water easier with the Beulah Opal Surf Two Handed Rod!

All Beulah Opal Two Handed Rods come in 4 pieces and include a rod tube and sock. Lifetime warranty also included.

Beulah Opal Two Hand 5/6wt 11ft: For use in most surf and jetty casting. Target schoolie stripers, coho, blue fish, and surf perch. Made to cast small or large flies into the wind. Light enough for single-hand casting, but for distance it excels with two handed techniques. Recommended line: Rio Outbound short 9wt or 8wt, SA Streamer Express or 300 grain shooting heads.

Beulah Opal Two Hand 7/8wt 11ft: Excellent surf or jetty rod for coho, sea-run cutthroat, and stripers. It is also a great crossover for steelheaders who like lighter Scandi lines. Bomb long casts of over 100ft with ease, but also fight fish with finesse. Recommended line: Rio Outbound short 10wt, SA Streamer Express 350 grain, SA 350-400 grain shooting head

Beulah Opal Two Hand 9/10wt 11ft: Take this rod anywhere, anytime, for any fish. You can feel safe when hooking into big cruisers from shore with this rod. It also makes tossing big streamers into the wind easier, while retaining a light feel to make playing fish fun. Recommended line: Rio Outbound Short 12wt, Rio Outbound 12wt, SA Streamer Express, most 400 grain shooting heads.

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