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Beulah Opal Saltwater Rod


Beulah’s new Opal Saltwater series!- Powerful Saltwater Specific Fly Rods built for high performance.

Built with the highest quality components the Beulah Opal Single Hand Saltwater Series is made to be a workhorse saltwater rod. Bumpy boat rides? No problem. Big fighting fish? Yes please. Fast tapers for long, accurate casts? You betcha. No matter what species you’re targeting there’s a Beulah Opal Single Hand in a weight perfect for your needs. All Beulah Opal Single Hand rods are 4 pieces and come with a sock and tube. High end hardware including Titanium Guides, IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin, AAAA cork and custom anodized reel seat with unidirectional locking ring. Lifetime warranty also included.

Beulah Opal Saltwater 8wt 9ft: Bonefish, small permit, and general surf fishing. This is a true 8 weight, so there’s no need to rig up with a 9wt line to load this baby. Super fast recovery makes picking up and laying down a cast to cruising shadows a breeze. Recommended line: Most floating or intermediate sink 8wt lines, 250-275 grain full sinking lines.

Beulah Opal Saltwater 9wt 9ft: Large bonefish, permit, offshore and surf fishing, this rod is extremely versatile. Sensitive and accurate like an 8wt, but powerful enough to cast like a 10wt. Recommended line: Most floating or intermediate 9wt lines, 250-275 grain full sinking lines.

Beulah Opal Saltwater 10wt 9ft: Offshore, blue water, shore, and flats. Fast, powerful, and precise is one way to describe this 10wt. Bomb the long casts, but feel every little shake of the fishes head. Smooth tapers make casting this rod a dream. Recommended line: SA Tarpon 10wt, 300-400 grain sinking line, Rio Outbound short 9wt.

Beulah Opal Saltwater 11wt 9ft: When fishing blue water, large king salmon, big tarpon or trevally, you’ll want this fast action, fast recovery 11wt rod. For an 11wt it has fast recovery and will load at short range for precise casts when needed on the flats. Recommended line: SA Tarpon 11wt, 350-500 grain sinking line, Rio Outbound short 10wt.

Beulah Opal Saltwater 12wt 9ft: We recently got to fish the 12wt OPAL in the Seychelles and the it performed fantastically. We caught sailfish and GT's with it and the foregrip was great to have. GT lines and Cortland Tropic Comfort lines worked superbly. 450-500 grain sinking line, Rio Outbound short 12wt.

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