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Beulah Onyx Two-Handed Fly Rods


Beulah Onyx Spey Series, Pacific Northwest excellence, worldwide versatility.

Beulah has spent a few years developing their new Onyx Spey Series. They incorporate highest quality graphite, premium maple burl reel seats, and four-color guide wraps. All of this combines to make an excellent spey set up for freshwater and sea-run species. All rods are 4 pieces and come with tube and sock and lifetime warranty.

Beulah Onyx 5wt 12ft4in: Small summer steelhead and trophy trout rod. These rods are powerful enough to push flies into even strong headwind. They feature a traditional spey rod feel and action and quick recovery while casting. Recommended fly line: Beulah Elixir 350-400 Switch/Spey, or Beulah Tonic 400-425 Switch/Spey Heads.

Beulah Onyx 6wt 13ft1in: Good for large rainbows, summer steelhead, and sea-run browns and cutties. This 6wt is long and deep loading to help throw mid & traditional Skagit/Skandi lines, while a clean and crisp action makes this rod dream to cast. Recommended fly line Skandi: 375-400 grains. Skagit: 425-450 grains. Mid Belly: 450-470 grains. Long Belly: 515-595 grains.

Beulah Onyx 7wt 12ft9in: This 7wt work horse is perfect for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, Chinook, Silvers, and sea-run browns. It handles Scandi, Skagit, and Mid Belly lines. Recommended fly lines Scandi: 425-475 grains. Skagit: 475-550 grains. Mid Belly: 515-575 grains.

Beulah Onyx 7wt 13ft7in: Beulah wanted to develop a spey rod that could handle Skagit, Scandi, Mid Belly, and Long Belly lines. So they made their longest 7wt spey rod to date. This spey rod is perfect for steelhead, silvers, Chinook, Atlantic salmon, and sea-run browns. Recommended fly lines Scandi: 425-475 grains. Skagit: 500-550 grains. Mid Belly: 510-575 grains. Long Belly: 515-595 grains.

Beulah Onyx 8wt 14: The Macdaddy of this Beulah spey series. Perfect for the biggest Steelhead, Salmon, and sea-run species. Recommended fly lines Scandi: 525-550. Skagit: 575-600. Mid Belly: 570-600. Long Belly: 640-670 grains.

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