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Beulah Platinum Fly Rods for Trout


Beulah Platinum Trout Rod: Reviews and Sales.

Caddis Fly Angling Shop reviews the new Beulah single hand trout fly rods in the Platinum Series

Here it is the early front of the trout fishing season in Oregon, and behold: just in time, our friends at Beulah are supplying some of the finest quality single hand trout fly rods at the most reasonable prices around. Our spey and switch rod customers continue to tell us how well their "Beulah Beauties" are performing on the water. The Beulah single hand trout fly rods are new to us, but we have had two of these out on the McKenzie already, and can report that they are "smile worthy." By this, we mean that these Beulah trout fly rods (we fished the #5 and #6 so far) are in every measure the high quality, effective fly fishing rods that their well established line of Spey and Switch fly rods. We fished the 5 weight with soft hackles and dries (yes, even in March). The 6 weight Beulah was our indicator rod and at 9' 6" it has both power and grace. Light enough to make a 12" native rainbow feel like a feisty contender, it has the power to make a great fly rod for many lake and river conditions.

Beulah trout rods are constructed on a unique series of mandrels using a custom combination of graphite and glass cloth, and proprietary resins. So what? Frankly, the technical details are far less important than the rods themselves. Beulah trout rods are light in hand, track true, deliver our flies, and are beautifully finished. Enough said.

Honest Reviews on Beulah Platinum Fly Rod on Sale

Many On-line fly fishing shops donŐt actually inventory products that a customer can drop by and wiggle, but the Caddis Fly has these Beulah trout fly rods in the store. On the rod racks. In fact, we have had to look at expanding our rod rack system because of the eye- and hand-appealing selection of fly rods we carry in our actual inventory.

The line-up of our Beulah trout fly rods from the three-weight to the six weight give our customers options from the smallest streams to the wide open lakes and rivers, even light summer steelhead. If you are considering one of these Beulah trout rods, we invite you to drop by, call, or what the hey, just order one now. In fact, why not order all four? Come on, you would then have your whole season of trout fly fishing covered.

Following is our selection of Beulah trout rods; enjoy!

PL 803-4 This is an 8', 3-weight - Beulah Trout (Platinum Series) Fly Rod. What a little gem. high cascades small streams and cutthroat trout in Oregon. Brook trout in West Virginia. Montana creeks and places where size #22 Pheasant tails are the norm, fished under a Parachute Adams. This is a delicate, durable trout rod, suitable for small water babbling brooks, cascade rivulets, and smaller spring creeks. Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming: you bet your three-weight!

PL 884-4 This is a 8'4'', 4-weight - Beulah Trout (Platinum Series) Fly Rod. Alright, now we step up one notch from the lightest Beulah trout rod and find ourselves here with a really fine 4-weight fly rod that will handle a very wide range of finesse casting, trout species, and fly fishing environments. This Beulah will perform side by side with any 4-wt you care to compare.

PL 905-4 This is a 9', 5-weight - Beulah Trout (Platinum Series) Fly Rod. Here is the trout fly rod of trout fly rods. Walk into any reputable fly shop n the world, ask for a versatile trout rod, and these days, the vast majority of professionals will recommend a rod of about this magnitude: a nine foot, five weight moderately fact action, graphite rod. We agree on this point. The 905 classic configuration will cover perhaps the widest variety of trout fly fishing conditions. This rod is not too heavy to really enjoy small stream trout, and not so light as to be daunted by big rivers and lakes fly fishing conditions. From Georgia to Alaska, a 9' 5 wt fly rod is one that no serious fly fisherman or fisherwoman should be without. It really is that simple.

PL 966-4 This is a 9' 6", 6-weight - Beulah Trout (Platinum Series) Fly Rod. Here is a specialty Beulah trout fly rod on the upper end of the trout rod spectrum. A fly fishing guy or gal who strings up a 966-4 is heading to big windy rivers to throw streamers, big dry stoneflies, or fish nymphs under indicator. Unless they are heading to the high lakes to float tube fish chironomids under an indicator or lazily troll a wooly bugger around the perimeter for rainbow, brookies, or cutthroat trout. What a minute, the fly angler we are referring to might actually be hunting summer steelhead on small waters like the John Day, Grand Ronde, Rogue, or Klamath. Then again, this could be a mouse rod for big Alaska Rainbow, or there could even be a plastic bead pegged on the leader. Point being, this is an amazingly versatile crossover fly rod for large trout, large water, and modest size steelhead.

Of course you have already noticed that these beautiful Beulah Platinum Series single hand trout fly rods are 4-pc models.