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Fly Fishing Beanies: the Caddis Fly Shop is your ONLY source for beanies that will set you apart as the styling expert angler you are!

Some ninety percent of fly anglers fish in ball caps, trucker caps, sun hats, rain hats or the like. The other ten percent are the coolest of guys and gals who wear beanies. They choose the beanie for warmth, comfort, or just because and they look great too.

Fishing beanies; NO SALES TAX and free shipping on most of the quality products we ship from the Caddis Fly Shop.

These beanies are as good as gold for head wear on the water and around town. Cold weather? The beanie can help. Wind? The beanie can help. Tropics? Well, maybe not the first choice on the flats, but in the lodge in the evening, the beanie will make a distinctive fashion statement that you are a man or woman of great self confidence.

Simms beanies for fly fishing: Simms beanies are worn by men and women around the world, each has their own reasons for choosing the beanie over the traditional ball cap and you will find your own rationale too.

Patagonia beanies: Surfer, rock climber, skate boarder and the like, all find a Patagonia beanie to be perfect for their personal action sport, and so to, does the fly angler.

Visor Beanies: The visor on these beanies adds a little sun shade over the eyes in addition to providing a stylish flair.

Windstoper Guide beanie: this is a Simms product that keeps the head out of wind and provides modest rain protection too.