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OPST Barred Ostrich Plumes


OPST Barred Ostrich Drabs are a unique fly tying material and these OPST feathers merit your inspection if you want to tie great Intruders: IN STOCK, No Sales TAX, and Free Shipping on most orders

Various suppliers of Ostrich vie to provide high quality materials for the fly tyer. We have tried most of the products currently available, and we have found these OPST Barred Ostrich Drabs very good quality and worthy of your consideration.

Why purchase OPST Products from the Caddis Fly Shop? Start with NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING. Move on to the fact that we tie our own flies with OPST materials and tools. Move on to the fact that we use OPST running line and hooks, and these factors combine to relate our confidence in the OPST team. Allow us to provide all of your OPST needs. If you donít see it listed, contact us and we can probably get it for you on our next OPST order, because we are constantly refreshing our inventory of OPST products.

How are OPST Ostrich Drabs different? Obtaining high quality Ostrich feathers is becoming more and more difficult by the day, week, month. Pure and simple, every business that deals in Ostrich is in competition for the best of the best. And it has to be at low prices and some industrial processes take the best ostrich off the table before the fly tyers ever have a shot at it. OPST Barred Ostrich Drabs have fluffy barbules and are very nicely and distinctly marked, as the photo of the product shows.

Two feathers per pack: be advised that one feather is larger than the other. All providers of Ostrich struggle to provide consistent quality feathers, but the reality is that there are differences in feather characteristics from batch to batch. In our use of the OPST Ostrich feathers, we reserve the largest plume for our larger Intruders and use the second, smaller plume for our trout Intruders or for the butt section of steelhead and Chinook Intruders. Our point here is to state up front that our customers should expect some variation in size of feathers and that there is a good use for the largest and smallest barbules on each feather.

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