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Fishpond Bags for Fishing Tackle, Gear, & Travel

The Caddis Fly Shop can deliver the full range of Fishpond Gear Bags, Tackle Bags & Fly Fishing Accessories Ė shipped the promptly.

Fishpond incorporates high tech and eye-pleasing fabrics into all of their tackle bags and travel accessories. Fishpond tackle and gear bags are tough, light in weight and designed for the fishing and traveling angler. We believe the new Westwater bags from Fishpond are some of the best gear bags around.

Walk into the Caddis Fly and ask for a gear bag to carry your Fly Tying Materials, or your Korkers Boots, and/or your Echo fly rods --- Fishpond has you covered.

Fishpond gear bags, vests, & packs ready to ship!

The Caddis Fly Shop understands and employs Fishpond gear of all imaginable types on our personal fishing adventures, and that is why we recommend Fishpond gear to our clients and friends.

Guide Reviews Sales and Video on Fishpond Gear Bags

Why do we recommend Fishpond? The Caddis Fly Shop inventories a huge range of gear bags - including Simms bags and packs, an old friend and dependable series of products, as well as more specialized Fishpond Chest and hip packs

Versatile Fishpond Designs. We are in the process, constantly it seems, of updating our internet catalog of Fishpond products. Not a simple process. Fishpond offers over ninety distinct products at latest count. Specialty and general travel gear of all imaginable types. Sure, fly rod tube carriers roller bags, a case for your Hatch Fly reels, and soft-side boat coolers, and back/chest packs are to be expected. But a dog bed and travel food & water container for the anglerís canine buddy? Fishpond items like this are a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Fishpond Gear and tackle bags are durable and guaranteed. Failure of luggage type supple products carries a lifetime warranty and Fishpond will replace or repair any item that fails to perform. These products include Fishing Journals, Fly tying kits, gear bags, chest packs and vests and so on. Solid products are baked by a one-year guarantee. This product category would include items like wading staffs, clippers, thermometers and tippet gages.

Caddis Fly Fishpond Inventory. We have the majority of Fishpond gear in stock and ready to ship. Without exception, no fly shop can deliver Fishpond gear to your door faster than we can from our humble shop here in Eugene Oregon. If we donít have an item in stock, we can email you and let you know how soon we could provide it, and give you the scoop in a day or so.

Fishpond Guide Reviews:

here are a few thoughts from our guides and pro-staff at the Caddis Fly Shop to help you hone in on the Fishpond product to best suit your fly fishing needs.

Fishpond Wader/Boot Bags. Got waders and boots? One of these products will allow you to travel with your wet and dry gear safe and sound.

Fishing Satchels. Classic designs for the no-frills angler or about town use.

Fly Fishing vests. The best range and variety of vests. Whereas many manufacturers have given up on the vest, Fishpond provides variety and adjustable fit for the minimalist and maximalist in the fishing world.

Tech LTE series.These light blue babies are custom designed for tropical fly fishing applications, for both boat, wade, and beach fishing. If you are heading to warmest climates, we invite you to check these out.

General luggage and gear bags. Pack a little or pack a lot. Pack your fly rod tubes, Waders, or grab yourself a roller bag. Size options and compartments are the hallmarks of these Fishpond high quality and innovative products.