Complete Euro Nymph Set-Up $269 Rod Reel Line Backing Leader Flies Included (details)
We have put together an Echo Carbon 10ft 3wt Euro Nymph Rod and Echo Reel an Airflo Euro Nymph line, a Rio Leader with tippet ring and 2 Euro Jig nymphs. All set to get you tight line nymphing the day your order arrives.

Mop Chenille Body


The Mop Fly has taken the fly fishing industry by storm recently due its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Mop Fly is a controversial pattern, some love to fish it and others refuse to. The choice is yours, and we have found that these B & C Mop Bodies are the perfect product to tie them.

Before Mop Bodies were an available fly tying material, curious tiers would have to purchase multiple mops (yes, for cleaning) in various colors to get the material they needed for their fly bodies. Now, you can avoid this hassle and purchase the perfect mop bodies for this pattern. Simply tie them onto the shank of the fly behind the bead and add any detail you'd like-- perhaps a quick wrap of dub at the top or a hackle of some sort. 15 mop bodies per pack.

The Multi-Pack includes an assortment of: cream, mottled brown, and tan.

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