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AquaLux II Clear Intermediate Fly Line: Rio Lake Series Lines


*Please check for availability. Some weights unavailable until November 2016*

Rio Aqualux II Clear Fly Lines for Sale - SAME DAY Shipping, NO Sales tax

The Rio Aqualux Clear is an updated fly line, particularly suited to fishing shallow in stillwaters like lakes and estuaries.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Aqualux Clear Fly Lines, available in line wt. 3-8 to suit shallow, sub-surface fly presentations, particularly in still waters.

The Rio Aqualux Clear fly line is easy to cast and makes lake and estuary fishing a pleasant prospect.

Unique line feature: The Rio Aqualux Clear fly lines are great to fish at even depths, relatively shallow, in slow moving or still waters.

Line Taper: This line has a 34-44' head length and is clear, making for a slow, consistent depth presentation that is so effective.

PLEASE NOTE line taper profile inset above>

Overall/Head Length approximately 80-100/34-44, balanced to the line weight.

Floating Properties: The Rio Aqualux Clear fly line sinks at a rate of about 1.5" - 2" per second.

Density Compensated Tip: The sinking portion of the line will essentially sink all at the same rate, so you do not get an uneven depth on your retrieve and the fly really does get down where you want it.

Line shooting: This line shoots well because the running line is slick and the head loads the rod well and will achieve very fishable distances.

Line Mending: The shooting/running portion of this line is designed for sinking so this is no-mend fly line.

Welded Loops: The front end of these Aqualux fly lines is equipped with a welded loop.

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