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Airflo Running Line


Airflo’s High Performance Running Line now incorporates their Super-Dri Technology.

Airflo constructed this line with a black band at the end of the running line which allows you to quickly and easily gauge where you are so you can repeat great casts every time. Ridge technology also allows this line to shoot very well. This Running Line is available in both a Floating and Intermediate Option.

Fishing Advantages: The Airflo Ridge Running Line is a great choice when you want a floating running line to fish with single and two hand fly rods. This running line is slick, ridged to reduce guide friction, and shoots like a champ.

Compatible Heads: Any Spey, Switch, or traditional shooting head will fish on this ridge running line.

Super-Dri Technology, huh?

Not only does it improve slickness and reduce tangling, it also improves life expectancy and durability. See more here:


Taper: Level Running Line Core: Power Core Coating: Ridge PolyFuse XT Dual Layer System

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