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Airflo GT Fly Line


The Airflo Super-Dri Giant Trevally line is built to withstand the massive amount of stress that you put on your fly line when you fish for these beasts.


Itís necessary. Especially when you hook up and hold on for dear life. It is not uncommon for these fish to disappear with your fly line, so the more power, the better. This line is also constructed with some of the strongest welded loops out there.

Super-Dri Technology increases the distance you can achieve on each cast and the overall durability of the line. It also floats like youíve never seen before. The Ridge Technology allows you to shoot line much more easily, and the reduced friction significantly decreases the amount of tangles youíll get.


Taper: WF, Aggressive Front Taper Core: 50 LB Power Core Coating: Ridge Tropical PolyFuse XT Dual Layer System Length: 110 feet. (Tip: 0.5 foot. Front: 9 feet. Belly: 21 feet. Rear: 8 feet. Running: 71.5 feet.)

This line pairs well with the Airflo Tarpon Series PolyLeader

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