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Airflo SightFree G5 Fluorocarbon Tippet


AIRFLO SIGHTFREE G5 Fluorocarbon Tippet Fifth Generation Technology at the critical juncture between fly line and your fly.

Manufactured in Japan using technical expertise developed over decades, this is a double resin Fluorocarbon tippet in a 100 percent Fluoro material matched with high suppleness quotient.

Airflo SIGHTFREE G5 leader material is a time tested leader you can depend on.

Unique SIGHTFREE G5 Tippet features:

Copolymer Fluorocarbon material of the highest performance standard.

Highest strength to diameter ratio.

Supple Fluorocarbon.

Low underwater visibility quotient.

Extremely consistent, reliable and strong knots.

UV Resistant.

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