Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods Now in Stock with Free Line. (details)
Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods rods are one of the best values in high performance salt specific rods. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Ridge Striper Fly Line


The Airflo Striper Fly Line is constructed to withstand the coldest and toughest conditions that you face when chasing these relentless fish.

A favorite among east coast striper anglers and east atlantic salmon fisherman, this line is easy to manage, floats great and casts very well in frigid cold waters.

This power core fly line has zero memory and the ridged polyfuse XT coating shoots incredibly well and ensures your fly line behaves when the temperature drops. This fly line has very little stretch, so setting the hook at long distances is effective every time.

If you wish to use a polyleader, we recommend the 'salmon' series.

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