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Airflo Ridge Clear, Clear-Tip Tropical Fly Line


Clear Tip Tropical Short:

A 12’ clear Tip fly line where the TIP FLOATS. While it may seem lime a minor change it is incredibly helpful when you are laying out a cast for a tricky fish and your tip doesn't sink. The tip blends seamlessly into a stealth mid-visibility belly and running line, which allows you to better track the swim of the fly.

New for 2016!

Clear Tip Tropical Long:

Improved for 2016 with a clear head and new colored running line for better visibility, the Clear Tip Tropical Long is built on a low-stretch monofilament core and ridges significantly improve your shooting ability. When the ridges get wet the line virtually disappears under the water, making it practically invisible to the fish you’re chasing.

The Ridge Clear Tropical Fly Line series represents Airflo’s response to the excruciating quest of flats guides who demand stealth presentations to Bonefish, Permit, and GT.

The Caddis Fly provides the entire range of Airflo fly lines to our clients with swift shipping & NO Sales tax. The Airflo arsenal of Tropical fly lines are well appreciated in Europe and among warm water Guides, but have yet to gain their rightful rank among fly anglers in the USA. The innovative Airflo Ridge Clear Lines offer surprising performance features that will help place this respected manufacturer among tropical fly fishers who home-base here in the PNW, much like as has already occurred on the East Coast and around the Great Lakes Region.

Reviews of Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Fly Lines by Pro Guides who have fished it endorse its excellence, durability, and adaptability to the most challenging Tropical fishing conditions.

Core strength of Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Lines:

The Clear 6 wt – 8 wt lines have a #25 Lb core. Clear 9 wt – 12 wt lines have a #35 Lb core. This makes a difference in choosing leader strength.

Do Ridge Clear Tropical fly lines offer performance advantage?

Even experienced fly anglers diverge on this topic, but a growing number of Flats Guides are fishing clear lines, or clear tip lines. One can debate the issue, but at the end of the day, you fish what you trust, and these Clear Airflo lines will earn your trust, right fast.

Why offer a Full Clear line AND a Clear-Tip option?

Both of these Ridge Airflo Tropical lines are full floaters. It turns out that some Tropic guides want the clear tip feature but want the rest of the line to be barely visible, so they can more easily locate their client’s fly in relation to fish they are stalking. Other Guides just want their whole line to be clear. So Airflo delivered the goods to both schools of thought. The clear tip line has 12 ft tip, preceded by a pale yellow head and running line that offers visibility without scaring the heck out of the fish.

Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical fly lines are offered in 7 line classes from the 6 wt through the 12 wt, and if this doesn’t cover your bases, well, best of luck finding a tropical 3 wt.

Tapers and line coatings? Clear Ridge Tropical lines are 100 ft long and have a full 51 ft head. Breaking down the head, the front taper is a mere 6 ft, the belly where most of the head weight lives, is 20 ft, and the rear taper is a bout 25 ft long. This relatively long rear taper allows line position adjustment – that is similar to line mending that is so crucial when river fishing for salmon trout and steelhead. Wade fishing in wind and boat fishing conditions both present situations where the water or the angler is shifting, and line control can be critical to keeping a fly in the eat-zone.

Welded line loops? The Ridge Clear Tropical fly lines include Airflo’s welded loops to assist the process of attaching backing and looping on an appropriate leader.

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