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Airflo Polyleaders, Custom Cut Sink Tips & Polyleader Sets

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Airflo Polyleaders represent an excellent transfer of energy between fly line and tippet. Because Polyleaders are actually a fly line coating bonded to a monofilament core (not simply a monofilament leader) they are an innovative approach to providing energy transfer from fly rod through fly line in order to turn over tippets and flies.

Guide Reviews and Sales of Airflo Polyleaders & Sink Tips:

From local -waters Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, and trout, our guides and customers fish Airflo Polyleaders for about any fish that swims. The quality of the leaders is exceptional, they are easy to use, and they fill any niche-fishing demand we can imagine.

Basic Premise of the Polyleader: All Polyleaders are Tapered monofilament cores coated with fly lines of various floating or sinking properties. Polyleaders are looped at the Butt and have a loop pre-tied in the mono tip. We add an actual Tippet to the Polyleader in order to finish the leader and make it fishing-ready.

We stock the entire series of Airflo Polyleaders: If it is available from Airflo, we can provide it to you on short notice.

Welded Loops: A loop at the butt end of each Polyleader makes attachment to your fly line seamlessly simple. Tippets can be added with a perfection loop or with a blood or uni-knot.

Sink Rates: Some Polyleaders, for example the trout and the Salmon & Steelhead series, are offered in a full range from floating to extra fast sink of over 6 ips. Some Polyleaders like the Bonefish are offered only in Clear Floating or Clear Intermediate. These distinctions are based on the needs of the challenge faced by fly anglers. You don't need an extra fast sink rate when fishing the Bahama flats, right?

Are all Polyleaders Tapered? Yes. Airflo creates these leaders with various proprietary coatings similar to fly lines and are tapered to some degree from the attachment loop to the tip loop. The density, hardness and various other properties of the coating can be modified depending on the performance intent of each leader, but all are tapered to some degree. The least noticeable tapers exist on the sinking leaders, because their coatings are very dense and the material coating overall is very thin in comparison to the floating, hover, and intermediate Polyleader coatings.

Airflo Polyleaders Types

Airflo Sea Trout & Steelhead: At 8 ft with a 24 Lb core, this is your specialty leader to fill a niche unavailable in the Salmon & Steelhead Series of Polyleaders.

Airflo Salmon & Steelhead: At 5 ft, 10 ft, and 14 ft with cores of 24 or 40 Lb, this is your bsis for fishing Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, and Atlantic Salmon worldwide. Add short or long Tippets. Start with a Polyleader that floats or one that sinks at over 6 ips. The combinations of length, sink rate, and core strength will allow you to present any size and weight fly at any depth. Nice.

Airflo Trout: At lengths of 5 ft or 10 ft with a 12 Lb core, these are your fundamental Polyleader for fishing trout and similar species worldwide. Add the Tippet of your choice and you will be able to cast dry and wet flies, streamers, muddlers, buggers and indicator fish as well.

Airflo Light Trout: At lengths of 5 ft or 8 ft with a 8 Lb core, these Polyleaders are specifically designed to fish the spookiest trout in lakes and spring creeks and the clearest waters of New Zealand. Add an appropriate Tippet of up to 10 ft and you are ready to challenge wary fish in technical fly fishing situations. Intended for small dry and wet flies, not for streamers and heavy nymphs.

Airflo Bass & Pike: No nonsense 4 ft with a 24 Lb core, this Polyleader is the starting point for a great Bass Leader. Add a few feet of your chosen Tippet material and this will put your wind resistant fly in the bucket. Fishing for Pike? Make your tippet of Rio Bite wire or similar flexible wire to protect from sharp teeth.

Airflo Saltwater Polyleader: Offered in 5 ft and 10 ft lengths with 24 Lb core, this Polyleader has a relatively hard coating suitable for temperate and cold water use; this is the all but Tropical waters Saltwater tapered leader from Airflo.

Airflo Bonefish: At 7 ft with a 24 Lb core these are your always, anywhere Airflo bonefish tapered Polyleaders.

Airflo Tarpon: At 5 ft with a 40 Lb core, this a must-have Polyleader if you fish Tarpon, Snook, and similar warm water species with leader cutting body parts. Airflo Suggests adding a Shock Tippet at the tip of this Polyleader.

Airflo Titanium Predator: At 7 ft with a 40 Lb core this is a rough and tough specialty leader intended to protect your connection to any sharp-toothed fish from Barracuda to Musky, as well as sharp coral and such. Snap your fly on the swivel and fish, it's that easy.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips: looped at one end, in lengths of 10 ft and 18 ft offer ease of adaptation to specific sunk-fly conditions.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips - 20 ft option: These are looped at both ends and provide even more adaptability and ease of use to anglers fishing sub surface.

Airflo Spare Multi Tips: these are offered in 15 ft spare tips for the Delta Spey Multi Tip full fly lines.