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Forge Salt Fly Line


Yes, you read that price correctly. Quality saltwater fishing tackle doesn't need to break the bank, and the Airflo Forge Salt Fly Line is evidence of that.

Taking cues from Airflo’s legendary selection of saltwater gear, the Forge Salt offers dependability at under $60.

Technology and Taper.

This power core fly line has only 6% stretch, which improves casting control, sensitivity, and hook set. The ridged coating reduces the surface area that comes in contact with the guides of your rod, which reduces friction and increases shoot-ability. This is a major key in the saltwater realm, because you need to be able to make quick shots to moving fish. This fly line has a moderate taper and a dual layer, moderate salt coating. This ensures the line holds up in high heat.


If you want to use a polyleader with this fly line, the ‘bonefish/tarpon’ series is sufficient.


 Line  Profile Length   Head Tip   Front Taper  Belly  Rear Taper Running Line  Grain Weight 
 7  WF  90ft  33.5   .5 .6  20  7  50  210
 8  WF  90ft  33.5  .5  .6  20  7  50  240
 9  WF  90ft  33.5   .5  .6  20  7   50  280
 10  WF  90ft  33.5  .5  .6  20  7  50  310
 11  WF  90ft  33.5  .5  .6  20  7  50  350
 12  WF  90ft  33.5  .5  .6  20  7  50  390

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