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Airflo Elite Fly Line


Airflo ELITE fly lines are the best general purpose trout fly line, based on an extremely versatile taper, WF or DT options, and performance that will deliver from spring creeks to tumbling mountain streams:

If you fish a dry line for trout anywhere, you should consider this new for 2013 Airflo ELITE Fly Line.

Airflo introduces the ELITE among the Super Dri line series and challenges the industry for floating fly lines across the trout fishing world.

The ELITE line by Airflo is a great line choice for trout fishers who expect to pursue these beasties in a wide range of water types, casting a lot of different flies, and fishing under all sorts of conditions.

Is Airflo Super DRI really new, and will it improve fly line performance? Absolutely. We have fished these lines and really appreciate these features: ridged surface increases casting distance; super tough loops; float high, shed dirt; no PVDC means enviro friendly; a different color of line denotes the transition between the head and running line; and finally, did we mention that these lines float high?

Real world application of the Airflo ELITE? Want a floating fly line that you may fish in little creeks one day and big brawling rivers the next? Choose the ELITE and let rip. This is a great all season trout line that will please in both DT and WF configurations.

ELITE Line Taper summarized. The ELITE fly line overall line is 90 ft; the heaviest part of the head is a smart 25 ft; with the overall head at 40 ft.

Line weights available: The Lichen Green ELITE lines are available in WF2 through WF7 and DT3 though DT6; The Sunrise Yellow ELITE lines are available in WF3 through WF7.

ELITE line color: Lichen Green with Sunrise Yellow transition zone; or Sunrise Yellow with Lichen Green transition zone. Your choice; both are great options.

Airflo ELITE line core? Decisively, this fly line incorporates the Airflo Powercore that transmits feel with ultra sensitivity.


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