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Airflo Distance Pro Fly Line


Airflo DISTANCE PRO fly lines are an awesome long-range trout fly line, with a long powerful head and extended rear taper to enhance mending capability:

Making long accurate casts and decisive presentations to the far side of the river? If so, you should consider an Airflo DISTANCE PRO Fly Line.

Airflo introduces the DISTANCE PRO among the Super Dri line series and challenges the industry for floating fly lines across freshwater environs.

The DISTANCE PRO line by Airflo is a not simply a good line choice for trout fishers who execute long casts; it is THE choice for those distance presentations.

Is Airflo Super DRI really new, and will it improve fly line performance? Absolutely. We have fished these lines and really appreciate these features: ridged surface increases casting distance; super tough loops; float high, shed dirt; no PVDC means enviro friendly; a different color of line denotes the transition between the head and running line; and finally, did we mention that these lines float high?

Real world application of the Airflo DISTANCE PRO? Are you a fly angler who wants to reach out and touch a trout on the far side of the river, right behind that overhanging tree limb? Do you need to push a cast way out in a lake beyond the reach of ordinary anglers? If distance is part of your game, this is your line. The DISTANCE Pro is our one-hand rod distance line of choice for our staff.

DISTANCE PRO Line Taper summarized. The DISTANCE PRO fly line overall line is 120 ft; the belly of the head is an honest 27 ft; with the overall head at a whopping length of 56 ft. This is your long bomb fly line.

Line weights available: WF5 through WF9.

DISTANCE PRO line color: Optic Green with Grey transition zone.

Airflo DISTANCE PRO line core? Naturally, this fly line incorporates the Airflo Powercore that transmits feel with ultra sensitivity for long drifts and distant hook setting.

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