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AirFlo Depthfinder Fly Line: AirFlo Sink-tip Fly Lines


The Airflo Depthfinder series fly lines are most excellent for conditions when you want to present a fly deep, and present it down there quickly. Free shipping and no sales tax.

The Depthfinder has a 30' ultra fast sink tip and a long easily shootable integrated running line. These Airflo fly lines are in the genera of the Teeny fly lines and the Rio Big Boy long head sink tip fly lines.

The Airflo Depthfinder fly line will definitely put you deeper, and so so faster than any 10'or`5' sink tip ever will.

Offered in 175, 200, 300, 400, grain head weights for different fly rods and presentation needs, this line is rated for the low 40 degree to mid eighty degree water temperature range, making it ideal for most fly fishing conditions.

Note also, this fly line has tungsten high density line coating over a Power Core that combines for great casting and will put you down deep with less water resistance.

We routinely fish this Airflo Depthfinder fly lines in the 200 and 300 grain weight sizes when swinging clousers for King Salmon in high flows, and will occasionally go to the 400 grain head if we really need to get down fast.

This is an excellent Alaska fly line when targeting King salmon, silvers, and chum salmon. South America and the big sea-run Browns? Better have one of these fly lines. Great lakes steelhead and salmon? Absolutely a great fly line to have in your fly lines locker.