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Airflo Bass Muskie Fly Line


The AIRFLO Bass Muskie Line is a field-tested specialty product that delivers precise casts with bulky flies to predatory fish species.

Long known throughout the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes regions for their innovative Spey Fishing specialty lines, Airflo’s quality products are breaking the ice as they gain a following among the entire gamut of fresh and saltwater fly fishing anglers across temperate and tropical climes. The Caddis Fly offers Airflo fly lines for Sale – with prompt shipping & NO Sales tax.

Reviews of the Airflo Bass Muskie Fly Line reflect the ability of this line to punch out big and weighted flies with minimal false casting.

Predatory fish species are often on the prowl for big critters to eat, so the flies we fish for these bad-boys tend to be long, bushy, floppy, and are sometimes weighted too. The Airflo Bass Musky line is the right choice to fish these sorts of flies.

What is unique about the Bass Muskie line taper?

Think about a fly that will resist your best effort to swish it through the air to lay it out on the water where some lunker predator is laying, looking for a meal. The only way to force this fly to bend to your will is to fish a taper that is so front-loaded and assertive that it overpowers the fly’s bulk and slams it out where you demand it to go. Sounds dramatic, but that’s what this Airflo Bass Muskie line does.

Airflo Bass Muskie fly lines are WF tapers and are offered in line classes from 6wt through 10 wt, so you will be covered if you are fishing Poppers or Clousers for Smallies, or chugging giant rat flies for Taimen or Muskie.

Expecting to cast big, bushy, wind resistant flies? Sure you do, if you are really going after fish like bass, pike, or musky. Peacock bass in South America fit the profile of target species too. The Airflo Bass Musky line has a REALLY heavily front-loaded head that will load your rod and push these specialty flies in spite of their bulk, weight, and wind resistance.

Line Length and configuration: The Bass Muskie Airflo lines are 90 ft; with a 49 ft running line, an overall head of 51 ft, and most of the head ‘s weight concentrated in the forward 29 ft of the line.

Bass Muskie line colors: The head of the Bass Musky taper is yellow, making it easy to see where you are slapping that big fly down around structure. The running line is orange, making it easy to prevent overextending the amount of line you allow out of the tip when making a cast.

Front and Rear Welded Loop: Yes indeed, we have come to appreciate these welded loops and how easy it makes rigging our reels and leaders.

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