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Airflo Coldwater Sniper Line


AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper fly lines stay supple in cold saltwater and allow quickshot fly delivery with minimum back casting.

AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper fly line has now established itself as the pinnacle of specialized floating trout fly lines.

Our personal experience with AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper Fly Lines has proved the advantages of the short head and line options from full floating to 9 ips.

Saltwater fly anglers in temperate and cold water conditions will find this line delivers large and wind resistant flies with minimum effort.

We fish this AIRFLO Sniper Coldwater fly line from Dories, beaches and jetties because it is easy to cast and gets our flies to the right depth dependably.

Why choose this fly line? If you fish saltwater from jetties or boats, you understand that false casting is a luxury not usually wanted or available when the fishing is hot or the wind howls. Whether fishing surface or making very deep presentations, one of these Coldwater Sniper fly lines will get your fly in the zone with ease.

Line Taper: This is what we refer to as an integrated head fly line, with a compact 30 ft head followed by a slim level shooting line, smoothly integrated as a full fly line with no joints or lumps.

Summary of key AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper features:

Full range of floating and sink rates: From a full floater to fish poppers to a 9 inch per second custom cut tip, one of these lines will get your fly at the depth of the fish you are pursuing.

Power Core limits stretch to under 6 percent: This firm connection between angler and fish makes strike detection and hook setting easier. The difference is real.

Line weights offered: The AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper is offered in line wts from 8 through 10.

Comparison to the AIRFLO 40+ head taper: AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper head is a full 6 ft shorter than the Forty Plus fly line, making it more compact and even better able to load your fly rod with a very short length of fly line, thereby minimizing the need for false casts.

Custom Cut Head Option: whereas all other AIRFLO Coldwater Sniper lines have a 30 ft tapered head, this line has a level 35 ft head of 14 gr per foot fly line blending into an Intermediate sink running line. The Head has a sink rate of roughly 9 inches per second.

Loops? Floating and Intermediate lines are looped at both ends; sink rate 3, sink rate 7, and sink rate 9 lines are looped at rear on

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