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Simms Dry Creek Waterproof Zipper Hip Pack


Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack for when wading gets serious!

Hip packs are a great way to keep all your fishing tackle in a convenient spot. But they’re not so great when wading to your waist and your fly box, tippet, and leaders get wet.

Have this problem? Try the Dry Creek Z Hip Pack from Simms.

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What sets this hip pack apart from the rest is that it is has a fully submersible TIZIP zipper. So while your buddies are sitting around with sopping wet tippet, flies and floatant, you’re out casting to and maybe even catching giant rising fish!

The zipper is also one of a kind in the Simms hip pack line up. Sure you could go with the Simms Hip Pack with the roll-top, but then you’d have to unroll it and reroll it every time you wanted to make a fly change. Much easier to unzip and rezip if you ask me.

The waterproof TPU fabric sheds water so when you’re out on the flats or waist deep in a river you can be sure you’re fly gear is dry and cozy inside.

Did we mention it’s also super stylish? A sleek design not only makes you look cool, it reduces the chance of catching your line when casting… smooth… For the ease of getting into and out of this hip pack, and the fact that it is fully waterproof AND submersible, the Dry Creek Hip Pack is well worth the price.

Simms makes quality products that they stand by, and you can be sure the Dry Creek Hip Pack will last a long time.

Fully waterproof 840 D TPU coated fabric exterior is waterproof, snowproof, and bombproof. Submersible TIZIP zipper allows easy access to main compartment while keeping water out completely.

Interior stretch mesh pockets help organize wallets, leaders, and tippet while exterior lash points help you secure it to a boat or gear rack. Cushioned waistband is fully breathable and made from water-resistant foam.

Roll-up strap container keeps straps from catching your line. 8L or 488.19 cu. in. capacity. 13” x 8” x 5.5”. Color: Charcoal.

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