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Sharkwave Ultimate Trout Taper Line


The SA Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE fly line delivers true innovation and superior performance to your trout fishing experience - SAME DAY Shipping, NO Sales tax

SA Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE fly line Reviews.

These triple textured lines deliver superior casting, line handling, and fishing performance.

Expert fly anglers will appreciate key features of the SA Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE when fishing modern fast action rods with large flies, in wind, and hammering out distance casts.

Why choose the Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE fly line? The SHARKWAVE fly line will cast short and long, the tip will float higher, and your fly fishing experience in real world conditions will take a step-up.

Fresh or Saltwater line? The Ultimate Trout is definitely a freshwater fly line, applicable to both flowing and stillwaters anywhere trout live. That goes for trout like species as well.

General Line Taper: The SA Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE is a full floating, weight forward WF line.

Summary of key Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE features:

TRI colored floating line: SA created this new SHARKWAVE fly line with a three color functional design, because it will clearly allow the caster to know the properties of the line from front to back end.

Two basic color options? Yes. The SHARKWAVE Ultimate Trout is available in Stealth or Bright color. The Stealth option has a buff head with very pale olive running line; the Bright option has a pale green head with pale yellow running line and green tip.

Why three textures in one line? SA SHARKWAVE fly lines incorporate the best qualities of two different fly line textures, separated by an un-textured, smooth section that helps distinguish the demarcation between the line belly and running line.

Two line textures in a single line? Sharkskin texture floats higher and is also abrasive on the fingers. The Mastery textured line finish comes very close to the performance of pure Sharkskin, but is easy on the hands. Presto. Use Sharkskin on the tip and Mastery texture on the rest of the belly and running line for the best of both worlds.

Head Length? The Ultimate Trout Sharkskin is 45 ft. on the WF3 to 60 ft. on the WF8 line.

Overall line length? 100 ft, for all lines from the WF3 to the WF8.

Line weights offered: The SHARKWAVE Ultimate Trout is offered in line wts WF3 to WF8.

What else distinguishes the SHARKWAVE Ultimate Trout? Ultimate Trout fly lines are perfect for all waters and conditions, they are the best blend of general performance features for trout fly anglers.

Line weight markers? Each Ultimate Trout SHARKWAVE fly line has a clearly identifiable line identification in the front two feet of the tip.

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