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Sage 6200 Series Reel


The Sage 6200 Series Fly Reels are lightweight yet powerful and will perform brilliantly whether they are on your trout or tarpon fly rod.

This is a reel series built with the highest quality materials available, and the drag system will not fail you even against the biggest anadromous species or saltwater beasts. All models are also under $500.

The Sage 6200 series reels are fully machined and constructed with cold-forged 6061-T6 aluminum and contain a Sealed Carbon Drag System. The drag system is Sage’s classic “stacked disc” design that is fully enclosed so it will remain durable and in pristine condition even in the harshest environments of the salt or freshwater. The drag is adjustable with more range than you can imagine, from low to high. It features 40 possible drag selections on a one-revolution drag knob. Sage representative George Cook refers to this reel as “the 15 gear bicycle” for its drag versatility.

The Spool and frame are largely “machined out,” which means all excess materials have been removed from these parts ensuring that the reel remains as light as possible (Reels range from 5.5 to 9 ounces). The spool to frame connection is simple and easy, and there is a widened palming rim so when you need to put some extra brakes on, you can. This is a large arbor fly reel, which means you have a high retrieval rate. The arbor is concave and ported which allows for greater strength and capacity. The ergonomic handle means you have a comfortable and sturdy grip at all times.

The 5-6 (6250) reel is great for 5 and 6 weight trout rods. The 6-7 (6260) reel is great for lines 6-7. The 7-8 (6280) reel is great for single-handed rods 7-9 and switch rods. The 9-10 (6210) is a fantastic 7 & 8 weight spey reel and 9-10 singl- handed reel. The 6212 is the tarpon, big game reel. It also works well on larger, 14-15’ spey rods.

This reel is easily converted from left to right hand retrieve and comes with a neoprene, embroidered case for protection.

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