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Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Clip Set for Fly Tying


These tools will allow the fly tyer to make bodies and hackles from unexpected and exciting materials, including CDC, marabou, pheasant tail, ostrich, natural and synthetic furs, hackles, dubbing, Krystal flash, Flashabou and many tinsels. The tool is straightforward and allows the tyer to place several different materials into a dubbing loop in preparation for spinning body or hackles like we never imagined before. Think about combining arctic fox, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Ostrich, rubber legs, and Grizzly Krystal Flash into a hackle! This is the stuff that drives tyers of large flies crazy. The same can be done with fine materials best suited to trout and smaller saltwater patterns. The Magic Tool allows one to use materials that would otherwise be too long or unmanageable and create bodies, hackles, and heads of very enticing flies.

Magnum size is a larger version of a clip and clamp for larger loops or longer material.

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