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ECHO PRIME One Piece Fly Rods


Echo Prime one-piece Fly Rods for sale - FREE same day shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop.

The One-Piece Advantage: Echo Prime fly rods offer toughness, light weight, tight loops, and amazing change-of-direction casting performance. The Prime is in stock now; no one will get access to the sooner than the Caddis Fly Shop.

Guide Reviews and video of Echo Prime fly rods. Tough, light, one-Piece wonders.

Echo Prime one-piece fly rods are revolutionizing the saltwater fly fishing game. These Prime rods deliver spot-on, wind penetrating fly presentations at any distance. We have fished several of the very first lot of these Echo rods; we found them to be noticably light, strong, FAST, and excel in wind and change-of direction casting - we cast short, cast long, under-lined and over-lined the rods and in EVERY RESPECT, were very impressed. We are genuinely excited to have these Echo Prime rods in our boats.

Echo PRIME Actions: Fast: fly rods are a little faster than the Echo 3 Saltwater rod series, and they are almost 20% lighter than the 4 piece rods. These are built with graphite fiber that is virtually equivalent to GLX, this produces a very pure, fast-action rod.

Getting your Echo PRIME to the water. Few worries here. UPS and FEDEX are dependable carriers that will ship your rod to your travel destination in advance of your fly fishing adventure. We have found that the one-piece rods travel very well in our SUVs and boats too; so local-waters transportation only requires a little forethought. Our cost to ship from Oregon to Florida was about $35 which is pretty light for a trip of a lifetime. And then you could give your to the guide, if he or she deserves it, as a tip - making everyone a happy fly fishing camper. Just thinking.

Application of rods to fishing scenarios:

8 wt. PRIME: This is our rod for Silver salmon when fishing around estuaries and kelp beds; modest sized Chum, Pinks, and Sockeye; Largemouth bass, Carp, Snook, and Bonefish. Offshore rockfish, small blues, and schoolie stripers are going to be buckets of fun on this rod too.

9 wt. PRIME: Big chum salmon, modest-sized Kings, Striped bass, Permit and chubby Bonefish are in the crosshairs of this rod.

10 wt. PRIME: This rod will be in our pram when we’re throwing shooting heads for big king salmon. The 10 wt. should be perfect for those who fling feathery bushy flies, poppers , and weighted baitfish flies at Peacock Bass, Grand Trevalley, jumbo Stripers, and a host of strong saltwater species.

11 wt. PRIME: Big Tarpon, tuna, shark, and similar sized hard to control fish - If it takes an 11 wt., this will fish lighter, and lift more than the most expensive 4 piece-rods on the market – at roughly half the price.

12 wt. PRIME: Reach for this big-boy when you are fishing Shark, Tuna, small Billfish, and monster Yellowtail.

Already have a nice 3- or 4-piece saltwater rod? The Echo PRIME will allow you to fish lighter, help ordinary anglers to throw tighter loops, and feel the crisp no-nonsense speed of a fast action, single piece rod.

Best Fly Lines and leaders for the Echo . Tim Rajeff is our advisor on this point and Tim says we should fish any of the usual lines and leaders we would normally fish on multi-piece fly rods of equal line weight. As a side note, we find that the rods are nimble: we have cast a 12 wt with lines from 400-550 gr and cast an 8 wt with shooting heads classed at 8, 9, and 10 wts and they all fell within the tolerances of the Prime's abilities.

Echo lifetime Warranty. Echo Prime rods, naturally, are covered by an unsurpassed Echo warranty. The one-piece nature of these rods means that a broken rod requires replacement of the entire rod, not just a section of a 4-pc rod, as is the case with other fly rod models. Thus, The charge for replacing a rod is $150 USD, a fair price indeed. We have found these rods, like all of the Echo fly rod families, to be extremely durable and virtually impervious to any reasonable fishing stress. All fly rods are vulnerable to nicks caused by hooks and weighted flies striking the shaft during the cast, and most rod warranties are usually related to handling errors in boats and vehicles. Bottom line: Echo fly rods are dependable and tough, but if you manage to break one you are covered.

ECHO Prime fly rod components and finish.

Prime Rod Shaft: twilight blue, just a little different than the Echo3 Saltwater rods.

Prime Rod Shaft composition: the graphite is so close to GLX material that you can’t practically tell the difference.

Primary thread wraps: Midnight Black

Thread tipping thread color: A fine sliver of stunning silver edging

Prime Reel Seats: Saltwater safe (Just give ‘em a rinse now and then) metal reel seats are appropriately sized for hefty fly reels: the machined threads and locking rings are strong and secure.

Cork handles: the Echo Prime sports a full-wells grips crafted of high grade cork plus super-density rubber end cap for fish fighting comfort and overall handle durability.

11 wt. and 12 wt. rods are equipped with high-density rubber fore-grips to enhance lifting leverage and fish fighting capabilities

Tip top and snake guides: Titanium coated for durability and saltwater exposure.

Stripper guides : appropriately jumbo-sized titanium coated guide-frame with SIC (silicon carbide inserts) on the 3 lower guides. SIC has a hardness factor over twice that of Chrome and six times that of stainless steel.

Prime Rod Tube and interior sock: Triangle shaped, Cordura sheathed rod tube with a zipper top and foam padding in the top and bottom of the case. There are foam Stabilizing pads in the case. Please use these, unfailingly.

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