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Echo Classic Two Hander Complete Spey Outfit


Echo Classic Two Hand Fly Rod Outfits are ready to fish, just add fly, leader tippet and water.

Echo Classic Two-Hand rods are an excellent entry-level or back-up Spey Rod in line classes from 6 through 8; this complete combo outfit will put you on the water in a flash. FREE same day shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Angler Reviews and performance specifications for Echo Classic Spey Rod Outfits.

This complete Spey fishing outfit takes the worries out of figuring out what to buy and offers an opportunity to achieve significant savings at the same time. Aside from being the most economical entry-level or spare-rod option that is the lifetime Echo quality we have come to expect,

How do I order this package? Locate the series of drop down menus above this text section. You will need to click on each drop-down to complete your order. First, select a Spey Rod. Second, select a reel size. Finally, select a spey line from the options offered. Make sense? If not, please email or call the Shop and we will handle your order directly, person to person. Remember also, we provide the best line weight to match each rod, but if you wish to diverge and get a different line weight, add this comment in the notes on your order or give us a call.

What is included: This is a great package of Echo Classic Spey rod, Echo ION fly reel, Airflo Spey line and (if appropriate) running line, and backing.

Savings? The cost of the individual items included in this package is roughly 500 bucks. Pretty spectacular as it stands. The package price is $450 - amazing, with no sales tax and free shipping.

What else would one need? A leader and spool of tippet and some flies. OK, waders, boots, and coat and a sandwich, and a vehicle to get you to the river would also be nice, but if the river is in your back yard and the banks are just right, you can get by with one fly and a leader.

Choosing the right rod: briefly, the 6 wt is a purely summer steelhead rod, the 7 wt is for summer and winter fish, and the 8 wt is best for casting the heaviest sink tips in big water.

Choosing the line type: The Scandi and Rage Compact are best suitd for use with floating or light sink tips to cast dry and damp flies. Skagit, Skagit Switch, and Skagit Intermediate Compact heads are principally designed for fishing sinking tips and weighted flies. All of the previously noted lines are Spey heads and are used with a floating running line, included in the package. The Speydicator is a specialty nymphing line and since it is a full fly line, it does not require a running line.

Selecting best line weight? We provide the most appropriate weight-class line for each rod, based on both our personal experience and the recommendations of our friends and guides at Rajeff Sports. The line wts we provide are listed at the end of this section.

Choosing the reel size: The ION 7/9 is about right for the 6 wt Classic Two Hander, but the 8/10 is better for the 7 wt and 8 wt rods.

How good is the Echo Warranty? The Echo Classic warranty is among the best in the industry; lifetime coverage with modest charge for each section replaced. The ION reel warranty is one year: great coverage for a sub-hundred-buck, very good quality reel.

Airflo Ridge Running lines for Spey Heads: All Spey heads offered with this outfit are looped to an Airflo Ridge running line and backing. The backing and lines are loaded on the reel and ready to go.

Best intersection of quality, price, and value for a Spey fishing outfit: Echo Classic two hander Spey rods, matched with an ION reel and an Airflo fly line, are unmatchable at a similar price across the full range of products available. You just can't go wrong with this package if it is your first, a gift for a beginner, or a spare outfit for those surprise days throughout the season.

Line wts matched with 6 wt Classic: Skagit Compact: 450 gr. Skagit Intermediate Compact: 450 gr. Skagit Switch: 420 gr. Rage Compact: 420 gr. Scandi Compact: 420 gr. Speydicator: SD6.

Line wts matched with 7 wt Classic: Skagit Compact: 540 gr. Skagit Intermediate Compact: 540 gr. Skagit Switch: 510 gr. Rage Compact: 510 gr. Scandi Compact: 510 gr. Speydicator: SD7.

Line wts matched with 8 wt Classic: Skagit Compact: 600 gr. Skagit Intermediate Compact: 600 gr. Skagit Switch: N/A. Rage Compact: 570 gr. Scandi Compact: N/A. Speydicator: SD8.

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