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Echo Classic Spey Rods


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A new offering introduced in 2013, the quality is pure Echo and the price is right. Echo Classic Two-Hand rods are an excellent entry-level or back-up LONG-ROD that will win you over in line classes from 6 through 8.

Angler Reviews and sales of Echo Classic Spey, Two-Hand Fly Rods.

Echo Classic Two Hand Spey fly rods represent ABSOLUTELY the finest entry-level option to the novice and the experienced angler looking for that first, second, or third Spey rod to cover the bases during all seasons.

Echo Classic Actions: Medium Fast: Echo Classic rods are a little slower than the Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod series but we think them a little faster than the Dec Hogan II series rods.

Application of Echo Classic rods to Spey fishing scenarios:

6 wt. Classic: This is our rod for light summer steelhead and smaller rivers. Six to eight pound fish are a blast on this rod. Skagit Switch lines, Rage compacts, and Scandi Compact lines Π these very different Spey lines all perform admirably with the action of the Classic.

7 wt. Classic: This is the absolute all waters, all season, all steelhead two-hander in the Classic series. Not a surprise to anyone. The 7 wt Spey rod at anywhere from 12 foot - 9 inch in is a wonderful all-around steelhead rod that one could also fish for sea run browns in Argentina, Silvers in Alaska, or Lake Run Browns in Great Lakes rivers.

8 wt. Classic: This Classic is on the heavy end of the offering. We see this rod as a winter steelhead rod just right for throwing Skagit Heads with moderately heavy sink tips. That said, the rod will cast an a Range Compact and the Airflo Delta Spey mid-belly line for the Spey traditionalist fishing larger rivers. Want to take a shot at Kings in Alaska with this rod? Feel free to give it a shot, but we think this rod is a little on the light side for 35-45 lb kings. You decide.

Is the Echo Classic Two Hander simply a starter Spey rod? Not at all! The Echo Classic is as good a choice for a starter Spey rod as it is as a backup or second rod in a different line class. If you already have an 8 wt Spey rod, and are wondering whether or not to buy that 7 wt for a few weeks use in the summer - here is an economical way to get the job done. If you normally fish a 7 wt Spey rod but are planning a two week trip to a river where the steelhead are smaller, or the trout are jumbo size, an Echo Classic is a great choice as a modest investment for that destination opportunity.

Best Spey Fly Lines and tips: The action of these fly rods is very forgiving and one may fish a down-and-dirty Skagit Compact line with a matched sink tip and weighted fly on Saturday, and spool-on a finesse taper like the Scandi Compact head with a floating Polyleader with a Muddler on Sunday. Oh yes, Tuesday could see you fishing a Rage Compact with intermediate or light Polyleaders.

Echo Classic Lifetime Warranty: Classic two hander rods, are covered by an unsurpassed Echo warranty.

Spey Line Compatibilities:

Classic 6 wt: Grain window 390 gr Π 510 gr. We recommend the 420 Π 450 range is best.

Classic 7 wt: Grain window 480 gr Π 570 gr; we recommend the 510-540 range for this rod.

Classic 8 wt: Grain window 540 gr - 630 gr; we recommend the 570-600 gr range.

ECHO Classic fly rod components and finish.

Echo Classic Rod Shaft: Deep Green, a color we canΥt help but think of as Winston Green. Sharp.

Primary thread wraps: Deep green with silver-ish thread tipping.

Thread tipping color: Silver Metallic.

Reel Seats: Anodized, high gloss, aluminum metal reel seats are appropriately sized for hefty fly reels

Cork handles: the Echo Classic Two Hand rods are spun up from high quality cork plus a high density rubber end cap on the lower handle for extra durability.

Stripper guides and tip guide: Chrome with high hardness-factor Snakes and Tip.

Stripper Guides: The strippers are fit with durable ceramic, slick line shooting inserts.

Rod Tube and interior sock: Cloth rod sock and square, Cordura-encased , zipper-ended rod tube.

Specifications/Line Recommendations Chart: Echo Classic Spey

Model Length Line Weight Pcs Weight Action
CL-5109 10’9” 5wt 4 6.7 oz Fast
CL-6110 11’ 6wt 4 7.3 oz Fast
CL-7110 11’ 7wt 4 7.7 oz Fast
CL-8110 11’ 8wt 4 7.9 oz Fast
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Switch G2, Switch Streamer, Skagit Switch
CL-6126 12’6” 6wt 4 8 oz Med Fast
CL-7129 12’9” 7wt 4 8.7 oz Med Fast
CL-8130 13’ 8wt 4 9.7 oz Med Fast
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Compact G2, NEW Skagit Scout, Rage Compact, Scandi Long, Delta Spey II

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