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Clear Cure Goo Kit

Clear Cure Goo  Kit
Clear Cure Goo  KitClear Cure Goo  Kit

Clear Cure Goo Kit
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Clear Cure Goo is an easy to use UV curing, non-yellowing glue that has infinite uses in the fly tying world. From large saltwater bait fish patterns (thick goo) to small trout nymphs and chironomids (thin goo) this easy to use UV curing glue takes fly tying to another realm.

The Clear Cure Goo Kit comes with: 1-10ml syringe of clear cure goo thin, 1 10ml syringe of clear cure goo thick, 1 Clear Cure Goo Curing Light and two tips and two covers.

The Syringe applicators act like mini calking guns and allow for excellent control. If you want to use a bodkin or brush don't fear the glue globbing or setting. Until you put the UV Cure light on the Goo it won't set. The second you do, 7-10 seconds of light and your done. It's really amazing stuff, no drying wheels, no mixing of epoxy's, no yellowing etc..

The Thick and Thin Clear Cure Goo's can will be cured in 7-10 seconds but may still have a bit of tackiness. If that bothers you go ahead and lay a thin head cement over the clear cure goo, or apply a tack free Clear Cure Goo product.

Clear Cure Goo BrushableClear Cure Goo Brushable
Clear Cure Goo Thin SqueezeClear Cure Goo Thin Squeeze
Clear Cure Goo Tack Free Flex BrushableClear Cure Goo Tack Free Flex Brushable

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