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Clear Cure Goo Flexible 10ml Syringe


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Clear Cure Goo Flex is a non toxic, no solvent, UV light curing glue that is incredibly easy to work with does not yellow over time.

Flexible Clear Cure Goo requires no mixing and 15-20 seconds to dry/cure. We have used this product on a variety of flies and it works amazingly well. If you want to tie some larger bass, carp, or saltwater streamer patterns, and make them "chewy" this is the stuff! How about an extented body streamer with action, worm patterns any one? The uses of Clear Cure Goo are endless.

Clear Cure Goo Flex is also ideal for a knot sealer or smoother.

Even when cured the Clear Cure Goo flex may have a slight tack to it. If this bothers you, you can apply a thin layer of head cement of a brush of Clear Cure Goo Tack free product.

Clear Cure Goo Flexible 10ml Syringe comes with a full 10ml syringe, a tip and a cap.

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