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Airflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines

You Are Here: HomeFly Lines AirFlo Fly LinesAirflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines
You Are Here: HomeFly Lines Spey & Switch Fly Lines Airflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines
Airflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines
Airflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly LinesAirflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines
Airflo Speydicator Fly Line: Airflo Spey Fly Lines
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Airflo Speydicator Fly Lines - No SALES TAX and Free SAME DAY shipping from the caddis Fly Shop.

Speydicator fly lines are designed for the very specialized demands of indicator fishing with nymphs or egg patterns. We have found HOWEVER that these lines are particularly useful in tight-quarters fishing with weighted streamers, buggers and Intruders, because Speydicator lines will load our rods with only a little line out of the rod tip.

Caddis Fly Pro Staff Reviews on Airflo Speydicator Fly Lines.

This line taper is specifically designed to form tight D Loops and chuck VERY heavy nymphs and wind resistant indicators.

Why fish an Airflo Speydicator fly line? Indicator fishing has requires the use of weighted flies and indicators that are very difficult to cast. The Speydicator is the fly line to get the job done with authority.

Line Mending: Controlling the drift of a nymph/indicator rig is the essence of a perfect presentation. The running line of the Speydicator is thick enough to make it possible to mend your drift at great distances.

Short, Compact Heads: Speydictor lines have the majority of the head mass in the first 21-23 ft with a rear taper of a little over 12 ft. This allows the line toload the rod and turn over BIG nymphs and indicators.

Choosing the right Speydicator Line. This is pretty easy. Airflo Speydicator fly lines are offered in line sizes intended to closely match the Spey or Switch rod class. If you fish a 7 wt Spey select the 7 wt Speydicator. If you fish a 5 wt switch rod, select the 5 wt Speydicator. It is that simple.

The line class of each Speydicator is imprinted. Airflo Spey fly lines, including this Speydicator line, have the grain weight or line class labeled on the tip end of the line, a nice improvement over the old color coding method, and allowing us to instantly know which Spey line we are fishing.

Practical experience with Airflo Speydicator fly lines. These Airflo Spey heads are FANTASTIC no question about it. We can turn over heavy weighted flies and the largest indicators you can imagine. We fish these lines and can speak from personal experience.

Use of Spey and overhead casts: We are able to fish the Speydicator line with double Spey, a snap T, a roll cast or an ordinary overhead cast, depending on circumstances. These lines will roll cast a long distance and still turn over our indicator and nymphs.

Line Color: The Airflo Speydicator is what we refer to as Sunburst orange.

Caution! These Speydicator lines are massive and will take up a lot more spool capacity than even a Skagit Compact with a thin floating running line. You may want to make sure that your Speydicator will fit your reel of choice or sometimes we cut 20 ft of running line off the rear of the line to make it fit.

Overall Length: The Speydicator is an amazing 130 ft long. Yep. Think of making a dead drift of 120 ft.
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